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Weight (lbs):


Male - Neutered

Labrador Retriever


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

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Steel is a sweet, shy boy- once he’s comfortable with you, he is the most loyal, attentive, cuddly dog! He is still very shy around men but likes nothing more than hopping into the hammock with you and lounging away an afternoon once he knows that “you’re his person”. Steel had a very rough start in life, but now willingly takes pup-cups from the baristas at Starbucks, and will follow his foster brother anywhere, even if it means going up to strangers at the dog park and asking them to throw his ball (he doesn’t know how to chase it and retrieve it yet, but hey, baby steps)! He is happy to be your butt-warmer on the couch and stare out the window. He is leggy, lean, very strong, very fast, and moves like water when he puts on speed. We think he is a lab/Weimaraner mix, and we are going to try to water test him this summer. It’s very likely he’ll make an excellent duck or dock dog, with a bit of confidence and training. He absolutely needs a fenced in yard, because he will follow his nose anywhere. If he does get loose, he does a fantastic job coming back to you when you start hollering for him, he’s just so distracted by the good smells that he doesn’t realize he’s out.
Steel needs a home that understands positive reinforcement and is committed to helping him become his best self. It is very easy to break his trust, and he is slow to warm up to new people. Once he does though, look out! He will be your best friend forever!
1. Taking hot laps at the dog park then checking in with his human every few minutes
2. Sleeping in bed with you
3. Playing tug with his foster brother
4. Canoodling with the resident cats
5. Breakfast, dinner, bully sticks, pup-cups, and treatos
6. Sticks
7. Going on a long sniff (not a puller, just so excited to be out where all the smells are!)
8. Chewing up dirty socks and underwear when he can get away with it (for now he needs to be crated when you leave the house)
9. Backyard zoomies
10. Keeping an eye on the neighborhood through any window he can reach (has used Stanley as a step ladder 😊)
11. Horning in to get pets if he sees another dog getting pets.
12. Sharing his toys
13. Puppies!
1. Having his feet touched (we’re working on it)
2. People approaching him quickly (he prefers to come to you)

I need a fenced in yard.

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