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Rescue stories with Journey Home Animal Rescue and the animals' journeys to better lives. 

End-of-Life Care for Oddie

This handsome boy is Oddie. He has been in hospice foster care with us since June 2020 when he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He was found as a stray in a small town in ND in February 2020. His estimated age at that time was only 1 1/2 yrs old. Oddie has been doing great, thanks to the loving care of his foster mom, who gives him RX food, fluids 3 times a week, supplements, meds, and lots of love. Recently she noticed he wasn't himself so he went in for a checkup. It was the news none of us wanted to hear. His kidney levels were showing signs of no longer responding. Please show Oddie and his amazing foster momma love as we maneuver through his end-of-life care. As much as we love Oddie, we will not be selfish when it comes time to let him go. We can only continue to help situations like this with donations from our amazing supporters. Please donate if you can and keep Oddie and his foster mom in your prayers. 

Cocktails & Dog Tales - Ep 1

Red Pine Distillery has partnered with Journey Home Animal Rescue to bring you Red Pine Distillery's new series: Cocktails & Dog Tales!

In this very special first episode, you'll get to meet Malone!

Malone is about as sweet a dog as they come! Unfortunately he was found tied down with heavy chains, outdoors in freezing temperatures, all while having to withstand attacks from other dogs. He has gone through frost bite, trauma, and infected wounds. He is still in pain, and needs our help.

We will normally use Cocktails & Dog Tales to meet amazing dogs looking for their forever home, but for Malone, we're looking to raise awareness and funds to help cover his medical expenses and get him back to full strength!

We appreciate you taking the time to hear Malone's story. You can help this amazing pup by visiting the link below:

Malone the Mighty

Malone is one of the sweetest dogs we have brought into Journey Home! He was likely days from death when he was rescued and his story is one that gives testament to his will to live and love despite how he was treated in the past. 

The Story of Biggie and Smalls

If this doesn't bring you to tears, I don't know what will. Biggie and Smalls have such a wonderful future now and we are so happy we could be part of their Journey. Watch their story below!

Meet Journey!

Last week, we were notified of a puppy with a leg deformity in rural ND who desperately needed help. As soon as she arrived, Journey stole our hearts! Her leg deformity appeared worse than we expected. Even without knowing the cause, we knew she was going to need specialized care and resources. 


As much as we wanted to care for her at Journey Home Animal Rescue, Journey needed more services than we could provide here in the Grand Forks area. We reached out to Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue (Hudson WI) and shared her story.  They are located close to the medical specialists she needs, and they didn't hesitate to help. Journey is now settling into her foster home getting all the love and medical care she needs. 


We want to thank CHDR and all the rescues that have partnered with us to provide a bright future for so many animals.  It takes a village and we are honored to be a part of it.

Stout and Olive's journey to becoming besties!


Olive came into the rescue several months ago as a feral dog while Stout recently entered rescue as an unwanted dog.  Both ended up in the same foster home a month apart but became best of friends! 


Stout entered the home like a wrecking ball and wanted to be in everyone's faces; both animal and human faces.  He is a very happy 6-month-old puppy with an abundance of energy.  He LOVES to wrestle!  Olive was intimidated by his size at first but realized after evaluating him for an hour, he wasn't too scary.  She acknowledged his playful side and decided to interact with him.  Olive only weighing in at 28 pounds and Stout at a whopping 68 pounds can be overwhelming and challenging.  With him being over double her weigh, he did smother and over-power her a few times.  She loves it and tussles for hours with him.  They play hard and sleep harder!  They have been best friends for over a week with non-stop wrestling, numerous amounts of slobber exchange, and cuddle buddies!  Here are few pictures to show their friendship.

Four Families Teams Up With Journey Home Animal Rescue to Make a Difference!

Four Families is a new LOCAL company that sells Pasta with a Purpose. It's a high-fiber penne pasta with part of the proceeds of each sale giving back to Journey Home Animal Rescue. This high-fiber Penne Pasta is created with Health Sense wheat grown in the Red River Valley; it's a farm to table product and a healthier option. 

Journey Home is incredibly grateful for this opportunity and support. 

Please visit to read more and purchase your Pasta with a Purpose today!