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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - Neutered

Pitbull Terrier mix


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Cat Friendly:

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Here’s a few things I’ve learned about Skip so far! He’s the cutest little guy that has so much love to give. He is such a good boy and a true people pleaser!

Skip absolutely loves people! We have noticed that sometimes he can get overly excited and needs a reminder to wind down with a chew toy. One of his new favorite things is cuddling with his humans! When Skip first came into rescue, he wasn’t a big fan of cuddling, and he has now learned that cuddling and laying with you for nap time is the best! We have started letting him sleep in the room in a dog bed to start the evening and usually by morning he is snuggled up with us in our bed.

Skip is kennel trained and rarely barks in the kennel when we are gone. We like to leave music or the tv on for him when we leave, which we think helps comfort him and helps drown out other noises. Skip has been pretty good at learning commands like sit, lay, come, and potty. He does fairly well with baths and nail trims. One of the things we are currently working with Skip on is having him wait before going out the door, as he can get super excited to go outside.

Walks are one of Skip’s favorite things and he is working on his leash manners. He also loves to play fetch inside the apartment. He will play fetch outside in the fenced in dog park for a few throws, but he would rather sniff around. He gets super excited when he sees other dogs and seems to want to play - we haven’t had much experience with him around other dogs yet.

If you are looking for a dog that absolutely loves people and will always have a wiggle butt when you come home, look no further than Skip!

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