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Siamese mix


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Seal is a sweet, loveable boy looking for his forever cuddle buddy. Netflix and chill, anyone? Want to open a window and bask in a sunbeam? Watch him chase the laser pointer? Talk about your day? Hear about his day? Seal is up for anything as long as he gets to be with you.

For Seal, it’s love at first sight the instant someone new walks through the door. He loves all sorts of pets and snuggles. You can even hold his paws, play with his tail, and rub his belly. Head scritches are his favorite, and he’ll reward you with nose nuzzles and the loudest purr you’ve ever heard.

Seal would love a home where he is allowed to snuggle in bed with his humans, but he is also fine with some alone time. When his foster mom leaves for work, he spends his time at the window, birdwatching and spying on the neighbors. He also loves to explore new rooms, discover new perches, and go spelunking under furniture.

When his foster mom comes home, he loudly goes, “Hello? Hello?” like he’s dying of loneliness, but he’s just being dramatic. If you hold him and tell him you missed him so, so much, he will be very happy.

Seal is a gentle boy who is not picky about how you pet him, so he would probably do well with children. He sometimes bops one of his kitten foster sisters on the head when she gets too close, but he mostly just watches the other cats from a distance. With time, he’d probably be okay with another friendly cat. The dog was scary at first, but he is getting used to her.

Seal is so loving and has so much personality. Just give him a place to roam and lots of affection, and he will adore you. Someone will be very lucky to have him as their new best friend.

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