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Weight (lbs):



Domestic Shorthair


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

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I'm a strong, independent girl who likes things my way. I live in a foster home with lots of other cats that sometimes need my correction. Oh I get along with them, I am cat friendly and all, but it's on my terms! I am a take charge kind of girl. And when I want pets and scratches, I will come find you and demand them.

I really love helping in the kitchen too! If foster mom would let me do the cooking, I would like it very much. Usually she ends up putting me in another room.

I love to be up really high and watch you from above. If there is a perch for me, I will find it. I love to watch birds and squirrels out the window. Sometimes I talk to them. I like to play too. I can also entertain myself pretty well. When it comes to naps, I like to pick a spot near you, often on your head. I really like to rub up against you and get pets. I'm a good girl who will fit into any home.

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