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Shepherd Mix


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Bomber is a lovable canine companion who thrives on affection and playtime. His friendly demeanor extends to dogs, cats, and children alike, making him an ideal family pet.

He is exceptionally sweet-natured and adores receiving attention, particularly enjoying gentle face pets and cuddles. Bomber is a fan of playtime, especially with toys and his French Bulldog buddy.

Bomber is kennel trained, though he may need a bit of encouragement to go inside at times. Treats or a little assistance usually do the trick. Once inside, he is quiet and calm throughout the night. He's well-behaved on walks, rarely pulling, and doesn't bark excessively, even when confronted by other dogs.

Outdoor Behavior:
His relaxed demeanor extends to outdoor activities. Bomber is content to sit or lay and watch the surroundings, earning praise from neighbors for his good behavior. He handles being on a tie-out leash well due to the lack of a fence, and he's up for jogging or running if you're inclined to do so.

House Training:
Remarkably, Bomber hasn't had any accidents in the house or his kennel. He knows to go to the door when nature calls, showcasing his impressive house manners.

Family Compatibility:
Bomber is a big couch potato at heart, enjoying lazy moments with his family. He's also great with children, exemplified by his positive interactions with the owner's granddaughter.

Bomber sports a striking brindle coloration, adding to his visual appeal. His coat requires minimal shedding and he appreciates being brushed, adding an extra bonding opportunity with his human companions.

Overall, Bomber is an affectionate, well-behaved, and low-maintenance companion, making him an excellent addition to any loving home.

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