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Lab mix

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Hello! My name is Baron. Just like my namesake, I am a noble, sophisticated boy. I'm full of personality and I am a tiny bit stubborn at times. But foster mom says it's an endearing trait!

At 4 years old, I'm the perfect age. At least I like to think so. I can chill all day, preferably hanging out with you, but I always enjoy a nice long walk or a fun adventure. I'm an angel when you are away, never needing to be kenneled to keep me out of trouble. I don't mind a kennel and will go in there nicely, it's just I'm that incredibly well behaved that I don't have to be in there.

Some of my favorite things include: toys, squeaky toys, car rides, walks, a nice bone to chew on, a good wrestle/play sessions with furry friends and naps. Foster mom says I'm noisy when I play. But it's because playing is fun! I can redirect with a treat when it's time for the play session to be over.

Speaking of my love of car rides, my favorite place to nap is in the car! If you accidentally leave your car door open, I'll be the first one in there ready to go on another ride or just chill. Foster mom has caught me napping for hours in the car and my stubborn side will come out and I refuse to leave because I just think cars are so fun!

I am a social boy and really love when children or other people come to visit. I get so happy that I go and get my toys and show them off! I know not to jump and am very well mannered when visitors come. I am very treat motivated which makes teaching me new things a breeze.

I'm potty trained of course, and walk like a gentleman on a leash. My foster mom isn't entirely sure what my life was like in the homes I once lived, but she thinks maybe things weren't always rosy. I lose my mind when I see a fly swatter but we are working on it. And foster mom thinks I was also kept away from other dogs and it made it difficult for me to understand how to react when I see other furry friends. I LOVE other friends! I live with 2 other dogs and I LOVE going to daycare! It's just that being kept away from other dogs for so long, I end up getting so excited that I react in a way that some people think is bad, but I am only excited and want to tell them hello. Foster mom is teaching me that I don't have to get so excited and I can just keep on walking when I see other friends. I'm getting better and need a mom or dad that will continue to work with me.

Are you looking for an easy boy that will be your loyal companion for life? Maybe you could meet me and see how handsome I am in real life? My ideal home would allow me to either have regular play dates with other dogs, or have another dog in the home, as I really missed out on having other dog friends in my life prior and it's something my heart really needs. A dominant male might not be ideal, but any other dog I'd love to share a home with!

I've been hoping for a home filled with love that I can enjoy furever. I need a family that will be mine and not abandon me when they have a life change; it's just not fair and my heart has been broken too many times in the past through no fault of my own. Pretty please will you be mine forever?

With all my noble love,


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