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Lab mix


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Hi! I’m Baron. If you’re looking for:

--a dog that has the energy to go on all the adventures but is well beyond the puppy stage
--a walking buddy
--a dog to snuggle at the end of the day
Then keep reading. What I’m looking for isn’t much. In my furrever home, I would like:

--regular walks (I’m also a fantastic running partner, though I don’t require it)
--someone to take me on car rides. I love them! I’d go every day if you let me but at least once in a while would be nice.
--toys and the occasional bone. I require stuffy toys in my life at all times when at home because they make me so happy.
--a family that promises to be there for me forever
--Added BONUS: both a dog mom and a dog dad, and a human that lets me sleep with them. I reeeallly like sleeping with humans.

My foster mom has fallen madly in love with me. Can you blame her? I mean, come on. You must have seen my pictures by now; I’m so loveable!

I am the best behaved foster at home that foster mom has ever had. She never has to kennel me because I’m always an angel when she’s away. I nap quietly on the couch while waiting for her to return.

I’ve never chewed on anything other than a bone or played with anything other than the toys she gives me. I’ve never tried to pee in the house to mark my territory. In fact, I’ve never had an accident in the house! Not even at any of the places we visit like foster grandma’s house and auntie’s house. I’m 100% a well behaved gentleman.

My most favorite things are:

--Stuffy toys. I will show you them when I’m excited!
--Squeaky toys. Who doesn’t love the sound of a good squeaker? I think they are so fun!
--Car rides. Please! I’ll even ask to hold your hand while we ride.
--Long walks. Short ones are good too, but a nice long relaxing walk together is just good for the soul.
--Chewing on a good bone
--Sitting on the deck in the sunbeams and watching the world go by
--Daycare or play dates at a friend’s house
--Visiting foster mom’s office

So, as you’ve read so far, I’m pretty darn close to perfect. I do have a couple quirks you should know about. I’m all about full disclosure.

I absolutely love meeting dog friends but when I’m on walk on a leash I get all anxious and worked up when I can’t meet them and just see them from afar. I bark and try pull towards them. Foster mom and I are working on it and I’m making progress.
When we’re on car rides, I bark when I see other dogs. I’m trying to say hi but they never hear me so I keep barking until we’re past them!
I’m noisy when I play with dog friends sometimes. I have a deep and noisy play voice that some people might think sounds mean at first, but once you figure me out you’ll know I’m just playing!
I may not be perfect (although I’m close), and I know no human is either…but perhaps we might be perfect together.

Thanks for reading all I have to share about myself! Foster mom told me to post what she wrote as well so you can hear how great I am from her:

Oh my sweet boy Baron! He is such an incredibly easy dog to have around. It’s been so fun seeing him gain confidence in our home and watch his adorable, goofy personality come out. You see, what he didn’t tell you was that he has been abandoned not once, but twice by previous adopters through no fault of his own! They had life changes and apparently weren't committed to having a dog for their entire life as a good dog owner would.

In seeing how Baron has blossomed, I think his previous homes might not have been the most stable and happy. Early on he was stubborn - once he was in the car he refused to come out. Or if he was enjoying sitting on the deck and I had to leave for work, he would play keep away in the yard until I had to trick him to come inside. But now? Oh my goodness he’s such a good boy and no longer stubborn about coming in! He’s ready to follow me in whenever it’s time. I think the poor guy just had a lot he was trying to process and figure out.

Baron has done great and has been super happy living with my medium sized younger female dog and my little old man dog. He plays with the female and just sticks to snuggling with the old boy. Baron is competitive and a bit dominant so he tries to hump the female sometimes and he loves playing keep away and tug-o-war with the toys, but he always has to win. He just likes winning all the games!

I think Baron would be happy in a home with another dog if they weren’t dominant or competitive. Being the only dog and just getting to visit dog friends once in a while might be perfect for him as well.

Baron loves all people, including children. If the kids start to annoy him (aka pulling on him too much or jumping on him), he does a great job of giving you the proper signals that it's time to stop.

The leash reactivity or barking when seeing a dog walk by through the fence is really the only thing Baron needs continued practice on. Dogs that become frustrated when their excitement to greet another dog is thwarted by a leash, fence, or other barrier often lack emotional self-control. On the other hand, anxious dogs are often reactive due to a lack of socialization while they were a puppy. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s lack of emotional self-control or if it’s anxiety. And perhaps it’s a little of both. It won’t ever be a quick fix, but he’s improving and is so worth it when you see how amazing he is.

We’ve had many foster dogs come and go since Baron has been with us. Some for a day or two and some for a few weeks. The first hour of their arrival he’s quite anxious. But after the first hour he starts to relax and by the next day he’s figuring it out. He doesn’t get anxious when we go visit a friend that has dogs- he just gets excited. So that anxiety at home might just be due to a strange dog entering his space.

Baron had been such a blessing to foster. He is an absolute delight to have around. I catch myself laughing at him daily and saying “ahhh look how cute Baron is being with his toy”. If you’re looking for a furever companion that will not only make you laugh, but love you unconditionally with his big giant heart, then Baron is your guy. When the right family comes along and takes Baron home, their lives will forever be brighter.

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