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Male - Neutered

Lab Mix


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Hi, I’m Baron! You may already recognize me from the cover of Pickleball Magazine. I’m the kind of guy that makes friends with everyone in the grocery store line, I prefer to sleep in on the weekends and I like to drink my coffee and read the newspaper before going outside each morning.

Fun fact - I was almost hired as a lifestyle model but the casting director told me I’m too "conventionally handsome". So, with my modeling dreams squashed, I’ve chosen a career in “man’s best friend”, and I plan to never retire. This is a job I know I was designed to do.

I relish the opportunity to walk whenever I can. In my past life I was an auto mechanic, so I’m a big car guy. When we’re not walking or hanging out at home, if we could go on a car ride I’d really appreciate it. I recognize most people have a day job, so if you really have to go to work and I really can’t come with you, then I’ll lounge on the couch until you return. But again, if I could just hop in the front seat and go somewhere with you, I mean literally I’ll go anywhere if it means I get to hang out in the car, then let’s do that instead.

I’m an avid porch sitter and toy collector. I’m not ashamed to admit, as a grown man, that I like to hold my stuffy toys when I’m excited. I prefer not to sleep alone, I like holding hands, and I’m really into binge watching Netflix when there’s nothing else to do.

I know when you’re having a bad day, and will be your number one supporter when you do. I can teach you more about unconditional love and belly rubs better than any other creature on earth. If you’re looking for love and commitment, and you like a dog with both the looks and the personality, send me a text. I’ll keep checking for new messages…

Remarks from my foster mom -

If you’re looking for a charming gentleman of a dog, who is wicked smart, well past the puppy stage but not, in any way, “old”, and that will make you laugh and smile every day, you undoubtedly have to meet Baron.

Baron enjoys regular walks, long or short he’s just happy to be out, smiling and wagging his happy tail as he strolls along. He’s also a fantastic jogging partner, though he doesn’t require it.

Toys are a must! Stuffies, squeaky toys, and some good bones to chew on would be great. Baron loves cuddling his toys and will heartily bring them to you when he’s excited - it is absolutely adorable!

Car rides are also required, at least once-in-a-while. Baron’s life-long dream is to be someone’s co-pilot. All you have to do is say, “Baron, do you want to come with?” and he’ll be in the car before you have time to get your shoes on. While you’re driving, he sometimes asks to hold your hand - like he’s saying, “I love you, thanks for taking me on a car ride. I don’t care where we’re going.”

Baron has never chewed on anything other than a bone or played with anything other than the toys I give him. He’s never tried to pee in the house to mark his territory - not even at any of the places we visit like grandma’s house and auntie’s house. He is literally a perfect angel when you’re away - never needing to be kenneled and just saws logs on the couch until you return.

I think Baron would be happy in a home with another dog if they weren’t dominant or competitive. Being the only dog and just getting to visit dog friends once in a while would be perfect for him as well.

Baron loves all people, including children. If young kids start to annoy him (aka pulling on him too much or jumping on him), he does a great job of giving you the proper signals that it's time to stop. Whenever kids or grandma comes to visit, he’s not shy about just hopping in their bed, attempting to “insist” he sleeps with them.

Prior to life with me in foster care, Baron was abandoned absolutely no fault of his own. As a puppy he was, sadly, never socialized with other dogs. This has created leash reactivity that we’ve been working on due to his over-excitement in wanting to meet every dog he sees.

Baron loves other dogs, loves to go to daycare, and loves the resident dogs. His leash reactivity due to not being socialized as a pup is often misunderstood being he has a big, deep voice. We’ve been working on it and he’s made great progress, and needs an owner that is patient, understanding and willing to continue working with him on it. He tries so hard!

Baron is a sophisticated goofball that has me laughing everyday. He’s the first one by my side when I’m having a bad day and the best snuggler any day of the week. This unbelievably amazing soul dog is hoping and praying his forever family is out there and finds him soon.

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