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On July 8-11, we are teaming up with Spay Neuter Impact Project (SNIP) by hosting and sponsoring a spay/neuter and vaccination clinic on the Spirit Lake Reservation. The SNIP clinic will provide much-needed veterinary services for the rural community members' pets. One female dog can have two litters a year, and spaying one cat can prevent up to 2,000 unwanted births within four years. So we are hoping to make a big impact in the prevention of unwanted litters.


Journey Home Animal Rescue has worked with reservation partners for years and most of our rescue animals come through these partnerships. In addition to welcoming Spirit Lake animals to our organization, we have assisted in vaccination clinics, supply distribution, and assisted with boots-on-the-ground rescue work to help stray animals within the community. Our previous vaccination clinics at Spirit Lake treated over 100 animals each time.


We know taking in stray animals and placing them into rescue organizations helps, but it does not always tackle the root problem of overpopulation in the first place. With resources for both people and animals scarce in the area- we want to do everything to help. This clinic gives Journey Home the opportunity to provide veterinary care for 150+ animals while keeping animals in their loving homes… but we need your help to make it possible.

Journey Home Animal Rescue needs to raise $2,500 to cover expenses for sponsoring this clinic. The money donated will help with veterinary supplies, lodging for SNIP volunteers, and fuel. Please donate today to help animals get the care they need. This has been a rough year for animal rescues and shelters, and we sincerely appreciate our community of supporters. We couldn't do what we do, save 1,100 + animals per year, and give back to the community without your help.


Please consider donating to help with our efforts on Spirit Lake Reservation.


  *Any funds raised over $2,500 will go towards future vetting for animals from the local reservations.

Journey Home Animal Rescue is a 501c3 charity.

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