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We accept donations of following products, but if you would rather dontate the funds and have us to the shopping, that works too!


General needs for the rescue include the following:​

  • Paper Towels (The amount of paper towels we go through with cleaning up potty accidents is crazy!)


  • Dog Food (Victor, Fromm, NutriLife, Zignature, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, etc)


  • Cat Food (wet and dry) (SolidGold, Taste of the Wild, Canidae, Halo, NutriLife, etc)


  • Pet exercise pens


  • Scratching posts


  • Puppy chews (non rawhide) and puppy toys


  • Kennel mats


  • Slip leads


  • Martingale collars


  • 30" length and 36" length kennels


  • Vinyl floor remnant (to cover floor when fostering puppies)


  • Nexgard (purchase this at All Pets Hospital, 701-746-9707)


  • Veterinary care sponsorship


  • Gas funds (we transport dogs weekly to rescues)


*Item is listed as digital to prevent shipping and handling charges.

General Needs

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