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Thursday February 10, 2022 generous donors are MATCHING over $7,000 in monetary donations.

Donate on Feb 11, 2021 and receive the following:

Your donation supports the responsible rescue of unwanted animals living outside, on their own. Your donation allows for the veterinary care they need such as emergency exam, spay/neuter, routine vaccinations, mange treatments and more.

because of your donation, an animal lives today.

The following payments are accepted:

   1. Venmo​​​

        - Send to Journey Home Animal Rescue

        - (Look for the picture of s dog, Marlo)

        - The last 4 digits are 3672 

   2. PayPal

        - Send to email address:


   3. Personal Check​​

        - Checks can be made payable to: 

           Journey Home Animal Rescue

           2205 12th Ave N, Grand Forks, ND 58203

        - Please write "Donation Match" in memo.

Contact us if you or your business are interested in offering a match for donations.

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