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Weight (lbs):


Female - spayed

German Shepherd

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Hi-My name is Zoey! I am a 15 week old German Shepherd looking for my forever home.

My foster mom says I am a very adorable, lovable, sweet little girl! I like to run and play with my (German Shepherd) brother and foster sister (Shepherd Husky mix) and we have a big fenced in back yard that

Is perfect for us! When I am settled down I absolutely love to play with my little foster grandkids that come to visit me!

I am doing well at potty training and I like my own kennel a lot! I sleep in it at night, for now, and hang out in it when my

Family has to go somewhere. I am getting bigger but I still love to cuddle on the couch when I get the chance!

I live with 3 cats who put up with me trying to play, but if I push it they always put me in my place and I am ok with that!

If you are looking for a beautiful German Shepherd companion I just may be the one for you!!

Update on Zoey (12-7-23)
Meet Zoey: Your Typical Energetic, Adaptative and Playful Pup
Zoey is a dog who is full of energy, just like most pups. Although she has a German Shepherd protectant trait, she warms up quickly to visitors.

I'm happy to report that potty training is going well! Additionally, she has been sleeping soundly in her kennel throughout the night.

She's very sociable and gets along well with other dogs. She’s great around children and even cats! Zoey is getting along perfectly with her foster sisters (yellow lab & German shepherd). Zoey enjoys being outdoors and exploring the world around her. She has a "go with the flow" attitude that makes her an easy companion.

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