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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female - spayed

Chihuahua/Terrier mix (small)


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

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Winsley sounds like an adorable and endearing companion with a distinct and charming personality. Her unique appearance and behaviors make her an extra special member of any family. Let's break down her traits:

Terrified in New Environments: Winsley's fear in new surroundings is common among many dogs, especially those with sensitive natures. Slow introductions and a patient approach will help her feel more secure and confident.

Slow Intros with People: Her need for slow introductions with new people suggests that she might take some time to trust and feel comfortable around strangers. This is typical of dogs who are more cautious in social interactions.

Lap Dog and Sidekick: Despite her initial fear, once Winsley warms up to someone, she becomes a devoted and affectionate lap dog. Her loyalty and desire to be by her loved ones' side make her a wonderful companion.

Unique Appearance: Winsley's long body, curly tail, pointy ears, and short height create a distinctive and adorable appearance, making her truly one-of-a-kind.

Love for Dog Chews: Her fondness for dog chews likely provides her with entertainment and satisfies her need to chew.

Stubbornness with Kenneling: Some dogs are resistant to being kenneled, and it seems Winsley is no exception. Her belly-up behavior suggests that she might need some gentle encouragement to go into her kennel.

House-Trained and Yard-Friendly: Winsley's excellent house-training and success in a fenced yard indicate that she's a well-behaved and adaptable pup.

Working on Leash Training: Leash training is an important skill, and it's great to know that Winsley is in the process of learning this.

Pint Size Goofiness: Her small size combined with her goofy nature must be incredibly endearing and entertaining.

Overall, Winsley's blend of sweetness, loyalty, and uniqueness makes her a cherished companion. With love, patience, and a bit of training, she'll surely flourish and become an integral part of her new home. Her ability to win hearts after adjusting showcases the resilience and affection she has to offer once she feels safe and loved.

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