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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

Domestic Shorthair


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)





Hey there humans! My name is Winnie. Gosh and no, not like Winnie the Pooh, but like Winnie Houston. Just wanted to make sure that was cleared up right away. I’m a solo artist currently rooming in a basement with some wild kitties. I know they mean well, but goodness, I’m a strong independent female solo artist just looking for a tower castle to sleep on at night and endless amounts of cat nip sprinkled on my food? If you can make that a deal, I promise to flop on the ground and inch closer to you every time you go to pet me. It sounds kind of annoying but it’s super cute, I also make this purr sound to go with it. Gotta see it. Anyways, I haven’t actually met a dog before but there are these two spastic dogs that live upstairs and when I see them playing outside I want to join. Pack a back pack for you and a back pack for me because I’m all about going on tour with you and traveling anywhere you go. If there’s another feline Bobby brown, you know I can accept that, just might need some time and space before I trust another Bobby Brown again. But if you just want a solo artist, than girl sign me up. If you’re interested in adding to your band, my record album and I.D are with Journey Home Animal Rescue.

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