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Weight (lbs):


Female - Spayed

Cattle Dog mix


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Hi, I’m Valora!
I came into rescue feral and had no idea what human interaction was until I met my foster mom. My adjustment period was difficult and I could not go outside to potty until we trusted each other. It took several weeks to get familiar with the routines and new environment. The adjustment helped tremendously with other canine friends to help. I followed their lead and even got to go outside to potty and catch on quickly. I’m a very smart girl! I am nowhere near being a "normal" dog. I do not walk on a leash, in fact right now I hate them. I also have to travel to the vet in a kennel.

My foster mom has taught me what human touch feels like, commands like sit, kennel, and I have been working on shake. I am nowhere near being a "normal" dog. We play a game of peek a boo while cuddling—she looks at me and I turn my head away then I look at her and she looks away. My tail goes crazy and I turn into a wiggle butt. I think it’s the best game ever! I am still fearful when foreign objects come in my direction and I retreat from things such as a slip lead, a collar, brush, and even two hands. Leashed walks, dog boarding facilities, and strangers petting me may never happen.

My kennel is my safe place. I retreat when I’m nervous or someone comes over. It takes a little bit to get familiar with strangers but treats help speed up the progress. I do sleep on the bed at night and often cuddle with my canine resident dog and foster mom.

I am a lifetime commitment so please only apply for me if you have the requirements: 6ft tall fenced yard, a playful dog and dedicated time to continue my socialization and training. It will be hard at first and once I have a routine down and adjusted, I’m eager to please.

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