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Female - spayed

Cattle Dog Mix


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Hi, I'm Valora! I arrived to rescue without ever having human care and was feral-like, so very fearful. I have made progress in the right direction, however, I need my adopter to understand I will need continuous training. I will have an adjustment period in my new home as I will be petrified at first. I need a 6 ft fence and a playful dog to help me through my adjustment period. I will need time to adapt to a house for about 2-3 weeks so trust can be gained and a routine before you let me outside in a fenced yard. Yes, you read correctly, I can not be let outside for the first couple WEEKS and I will use potty pads inside. If there is no bond, you will not get me back inside and I will continue to run from you. I also should never be left unsupervised outside. Ever.

With my human foster, she has taught me what human touch feels like, commands like sit, kennel, and I have been working on shake. I am no where near being a "normal" dog. I still fear when foreign objects come in my direction and I retreat from things such as a slip lead, a collar, brush, and even two hands. Leashed walks, dog boarding facility, and strangers petting me may never happen.

After several months of being rescued as a stray, I felt comfortable and adjusted, my foster mom let me outside in the fenced backyard to explore and I picked up potty training fast. Chase is my game! I’m so fast! I love chasing my canine siblings around and love them chasing me. I am kenneled (inside) when my foster mom is gone. Kennel is my safe zone and I retreat there when strangers come over and do not make a peep. I do sleep on my foster parent's bed at night as I feel safe next to foster mom. I love chew toys and a marrow bones. I sit for treats and I’m fed in my kennel. I am transported in my kennel and am often terrified of new situations. At times I get too scared and won't even take treats from my foster mom.

I am a lifetime commitment so please only apply for me if you have the requirements: 6ft fenced yard, a playful dog and dedicated time to continue my socialization and training. It will be hard at first and once I have a routine down and adjusted, I’m eager to please.

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