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Toby Jr

Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - neutered

Pug/Beagle mix


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

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Toby: First few weeks
Toby is my name, and I have quite the story to tell. My family and I used to live on a farm, but they moved away and couldn't take me with them. I was rehomed, and then I ran away. I spent three weeks running around the countryside, trying to find my way back home. This experience taught me that if my new home doesn't have a fenced yard, I will need a tie-out.

Now, I am in a foster home and I am loving it. There's another pup here that I play with all the time. I have a chair in the sunroom where I can catch the afternoon rays, but I am coaxed to the dog beds on the floor instead of sleeping in the foster humans' bed. I'm just the right size for snuggles with my humans.

When I go outside, I am on a tie-out because there isn't a fenced yard. I am still adjusting to this new arrangement, and I am not sure if I will try to find my old farm again or not. I listen well when they call me, but if I get on a scent, I can be a little hardheaded at times.

I get incredibly excited when my foster parents come back from work. I greet them with lots of happiness and dance around. On a normal day, I am a quiet boy, but if I am kenneled or left outside alone, I might make some noise.

Toby's Foster Update (1-4-24):

If you're considering adopting Toby, there are a few things you should know. Toby has had a difficult past, but given the chance, he'll charm you every day! It will take him a couple of months to adjust to his new environment and become comfortable with his new family. Once he does, he'll dance every time you come home, snuggle with you every chance he gets, and even ask for belly rubs. Just be sure to keep food out of reach – he may try to snag a bite off the counter!

Toby requires a secure, fenced yard as he loves to explore and can take some time to adjust to new people. It's important to give him space initially, as he may bite if he feels threatened. Toby is excellent with other dogs but isn't fond of cats. He doesn't like being kenneled, so he'll need a comfortable chair in the sun to lounge on when you're not home. Toby is best suited for a home with older children who can give him the time and space he needs to settle in.

These minor adjustments will be worth it once Toby unleashes his irresistible charm – he truly is one in a million!

I need a fenced yard. My nose gets the best of me.

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