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Male - Neutered

Boxer mix


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How is this lanky, lug of love, wiggle-butt not adopted yet? I’ve had a few comments of …”what’s wrong with his his eye” or “no offense, he looks dopey”.

Tag came into foster with a very high fever and eye injury (see photo below). He has healed remarkably well, has full vision and he has completey healed (x-rays to prove it). He doesn’t look dopey. He looks like a happy, very smart, charming, loving, strong, healthy, normal dog that got dealt a crappy hand when he was only 6 weeks old.

He is well socialized, he goes to the dog park and day care all the time (thank you Ruffin It and Red Hydrant). He does well with kids and all dogs at the lake.

Loves: car rides, boat rides, golf cart rides, naps, tug, bones, other dogs, snuggles, treats, the dog park, walks, all humans, cuddles on the couch, looking out the windows.

Does not love: the vacuum.

Needs: a family / person of his own, who he can be with forever. He has always been allowed on the couch and is quite a cuddler.

August has been a great month for Tag. He had a growth spurt, so he is long and lanky. About 60 lbs. 9.5 months, male. August also brought a big change in calmness. Of course he still has puppy in him, and needs energy outlets, but can he binge and cuddle a whole season on Netflix with you! He rarely barks. Crate trained for during the day when we are at work. Of course, potty trained. He will whine when he needs to go out to remind you.

Tag has been with us since January, and we are in a great routine. We already have 2 resident dogs or I would keep him. He is very loved, and simply…. an amazing pup that deserves the best.

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