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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female - spayed

Mixed (med-large)


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)




Hi! My name is Sparkle...but sometimes my foster mom calls me Amber because of my beautiful amber eyes..the windows to my soul...
I am looking for my forevet home and someone to love me.

I am house trained and kennel trained. I do very well sleeping through the night in my kennel.
I whine if I need to go out to pee if I am in kennel. I go to door to go out if I'm out of kennel. You have to read my signals.

I love squeeky toys and hard bones to chew on. I need to be watched so I don't chew on what isnt mine until I grow out of this puppy stage.

I do understand "no" as it is a large part of my life as a curious pup. I will learn what is mine and how to keep my nose out of
things because I AM very smart.

I know how to sit for treats, for leash, for scratches (belly and ear) and hugs, and to sit before I'm let outdoors, although I prefer the doggie door.

I think I will do best if I have a fenced yard because I'm full of energy and run like the wind.
I love to play tag with my foster sister but I mostly like to be with my human.

I'm learning hand command as well as verbal command for sit, come, down, off and walk. I do fairly well on leash.
I have a tendency to "herd" and sometimes push away anybody getting more attention than me.
I respond best to positive reinforcement, verbal praise, scratches, and/or treats, after stopping bad behavior.

I love to give kisses, lick toes and "nibble" fingers.

I am ready to give my heart to someone who will work with me to be the BEST dog ever!

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