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Male, neutered


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Ransom sure is handsome and although named after a nefarious act the only thing he will steal from you is your heart (and maybe a snuggle or two). Ransom is quick to warm up to new people and things. He loves his toys, head scratches, going on walks, other dogs, and hanging out. He is learning quickly how to sit, walk on a leash, and be kennel trained. Overall he is a very happy boy who is ready to find love with whoever is ready to give it. He will do best with owners that like the idea of a velcro dog, think puppy kisses are the best, don't mind some extra sweeping from his beautiful blonde hair and are patient with a young dog's need for continued training. He can be vocal so apartments may be tough until separation anxiety training can be reinforced. Ransom is ready to be part of your crew if you're ready to have him!

Can be vocal - No currently suited for apartments. Would need separation anxiety training.