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Domestic Shorthair


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UPDATE: Moose has settled into his foster home and is doing great! He loves treats, pets, and will come cuddle on the couch with his foster family.

Moose is a very intelligent and well-mannered cat. He knows his name and the word “treat”. He LOVES treats and is willing to work for them with cat puzzles. Initially, he is very timid and may take extra time to come around in a new environment. Once he knows he is safe, his love for pets and treats will encourage him to venture out into his new surroundings. He is a curious cat who enjoys observing before engaging, but will do so in his own time. Once you have gained his trust he will be your pal forever with lots of interactive playing, cuddles, and pets. He does not like to be held for long periods of time and appreciates being the one to make the first move for affection and engagement – he will even bring you a toy when he wants to play! When he settles in, he is a big cuddler and will often want to sleep beside you.

Moose is a bonded pair with his brother/littermate Tigger. They are only available for adoption together and are each other’s safety and support. They will do best in a quiet home with someone who is patient, will allow them to decide the pace of settling into their new home, and will provide mental stimulation with various toys and interactive games.

Moose & Tigger are a bonded pair who must be adopted together.

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