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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female - spayed

Mixed (med-large)

Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)





This sweet and gentle little girl won’t be ready for adoption until mid/end of September, but we wanted everyone to know her story and learn about her. Mira came into rescue around 8wks old with 6 other puppies suffering from skin infections, malnourishment and more. They were living outside having no access to fresh water, consistent meals, shelter or medical care. While 5 of those puppies were accepted into another rescue, Mira and another puppy still needed a place to go. One of JHAR’s foster homes opened their doors without hesitation and the puppies went straight there the night they arrived. Mira was in rough shape. Her poor itty bitty body was almost bald, she was underweight, had open sores, scabs and consistently itchy. Safe to say she was miserable. Every scratch to relieve the itch resulted in yelps. She received treatment for her skin, a medicated bath, a pair of warm pajamas, a full meal, fresh water and a crate with toys and a soft blanket to hunker down in. She slept for hours after that, knowing she was finally safe.

3 weeks later, after medicated baths every few days, coupled with love and TLC from her foster family, this girl is healing and growing like a weed. Her hair is coming in, her sores are healed, her scabs are almost gone, and her personality is bursting through! She loves to be by her people, snuggle under blankets, and follows the resident dogs everywhere. She has learned to sleep quietly throughout the night in her crate and keeps it clean. Potty training is going great, as she is learning how to signal she has to go. She is a smart, gentle little soul who deserves a forever home of her own to continue flourishing in.

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