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Milo is a love bug disguised as the cutest dog ever! He is very much a part of the family and wants to be around people whenever possible. He wants to be where the action is at all times. He loves to play fetch and has thought about trying out for the Twins, but decided that lounging around in sun puddles in the afternoon is much better. He knows the basic commands and is house trained.

Milo likes to be outside, go for walks, and has done very well riding in cars. He loves to socialize and is great with kids. Milo does not like to be alone. He would need to be in a home with another dog to keep him company. He is not a fan of the kennel/crate. If we are going to be away from home, we put him in a bedroom with our other dogs and he will lay down and patiently wait for our return. He has been great with our cat and true to his breed, he loves to hunt down birds in the yard.

Milo is full of love and wants nothing more then to be by your side and show how much love he has to give.

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