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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

Sheltie, Maltese, Bichon Frise mix


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)




Hello Everybody, my name is June! My foster mom calls me June, Junie, June Bug, Juniper, Hey & Little Stinker. I don’t quite get it but she’s looking at me when she calls me those other names!

I will do best in a home with a younger dog that will PLAY with me. I love to play! I will pester a senior dog until I can play play play.

I like to play ‘Catch me if you can’ in the house but I don’t think my foster mom likes it too much! She puts me in my kennel, which I don’t like, & then she leaves the house. But she does give me a treat.

My foster mom takes me outside to go to the bathroom. I never see her going to the bathroom outside. It’s so cold out & I think she should try it. She thinks it’s funny because I like to do my business on top of snow piles. I like playing in the snow too but not lately, my paws get so cold. My foster mom puts a sweater on me when we go out. I used to fight her on it but now I love it. My foster mom knew something that worked for me to stay a little warmer. I think boots would help too.

I love my foster mom! She never yells at me but sometimes she says “Hey” a little louder. Who the heck is Hey? She redirects me if I’m doing something I shouldn’t do.

I’m fed breakfast & dinner away from the other dogs in the house. She said I’m too protective of my dog bowl. Not with people but with other pets in the house. I think it’s because she gives the other dogs better food.

My foster mom says I’m so cute! I know I am. She says I’m sweet & love to cuddle & I do. I give her so many kisses & get as close to her face as I can. She tells me when she’s had enough.

My foster mom thinks I’m scared of other people & dogs I don’t know. I’m not, I’m just allergic to them so I want to run in the house. I’m good when I get to know them & they don’t hurt me. She said I am shy not allergic. But she does tell me she thinks I’m perfect for people who do have allergies from dogs. I’m not sure why but she said that it has something to do with dog dander.

My foster mom says I’m 9lbs of love. She says I have the silkiest & softest fur & it doesn’t come off. I think the word is shed.

I also love to play with toys of all kind, I like chews, treats & walks (but no walks when it’s so cold). I like when people play with me. I think I’m the perfect girl for a loving family. I know you will love me when I warm up to you. Love, June

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