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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - Neutered

Mixed (med-large)


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

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I’m handsome Helix!

I love to be around other dogs— wrestling and playing chase with them. I enjoy chasing the tennis ball then I toss the ball up in the air and try to catch with my feet. It’s quite amusing to me and can entertain me for a while.

I’m shy around people but my foster mom is helping me so I’m getting more comfortable with petting. I’ve been working on my leash training and attending events to help me get familiar with new environments. I still get nervous but do amazing with another familiar canine friend at the events.

In home, I love to wrestle with my canine friends. I nudge my foster mom’s arm when I want pets and scratches. I’m really starting to enjoy those! I come when my foster mom calls me from outside. Treats are the way to my heart, in home. I kennel up well and sleep in the kennel all night. Sometimes, I think I’m the rooster as I like to wake up early and get the morning going.

I am looking for a home with another canine friend to help me feel comfortable through my adjustment period. I need a fenced in yard as well as a human to be dog savvy and understand I need time to acclimate and to carry on with my daily training. I need to continue going on secured walks (leashed and a GPS tracker preferred). If I get away, you will not be able to catch me.

**Please only apply if you meet the requirements (have a friendly dog, fenced in yard, and the commitment he deserves for training).

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