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Georgie Ella

Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female - Spayed



Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)

No, but we are working on this




We recently got a wireless fence system and I am learning it and love it.

Hi! I'm Georgie! I am a big beautiful girl. I am a great combo of energy and then resting while monitoring my home/yard. I would love a home with a fenced yard (or strong tie-out) of my own where I can protect from other animals. I will alert you when another animal comes near.

I am kennel trained and potty trained. I do not understand my size what-so-ever and can be a ball of energy at times. I am learning how big and powerful I am, I just get so excited.

My breed is a descendant of the Bulgarian Shepherd; we are smart, strong, and determined. I have a big bark which can be intimidating however, I have loved all the humans I have met. I do not share my space with other animals. There are a few male puppies that I will run and play with outside for fun, however, my inside space and my things are mine.



If you are interested in a big dog that will be your protector, go for walks in the country together, work commands, and be your silly goose, please think about adopting me!

I am said to be a Karakachan Shepherd Dog. This is a livestock guardian breed that was historically bred to protect farms from wolves and bears in Bulgaria. Karakachans can make a wonderful family companion when properly trained, exercised and socialized. I am sweet-tempered and well mannered (aside from my excitable jumping) with my human family. I love affection and attention. I am a working breed, therefore I require a good deal of exercise and mental work to keep me happy and healthy. I do not adjust well in small spaces. It is better that I have a 6' fenced yard to play and roam around in- or a strong ti-out, in addition to long, daily walks or runs.

I share the home with other dogs, but I don't mix with them. I will play and play with male puppies outside. Inside, I am best with my own space as my breed tells me to guard things that are mine from other animals. When we are inside, I have a babygate that tells me where my space is and their space.

No cats for me.

While my breed can be more high maintenance than other breeds, I can also be the best of pets. I am protective, but silly, and always loving natured.



Recent update on me!
My foster mom has had a couple male foster puppies from ages 6 weeks to 11 months and I have done well with them all. Baylor was a 60 lb puppy that I loved wrestling with and then monitoring the yard together with him every day. We didn't ever mix in the house because in the house its too tight and I want to guard things as mine. It's just my breed.

I am still on the hydrolyzed protein Royal Canin food. My foster mom tried to slowly switch me to a beef and rice food and I got an ear infection. So, we are sticking to that and might try another limited ingredient food once my system is reset again.

I still monitor the yard inside the fence when I go outside. This is my breed, it's what I was born to do! I also LOVE to play - I have a lot of energy and am a silly fun girl when I am not "working".

If you are interested in a dog that will be your protector, go for walks in the country together, work commands, and be your silly goose, please think about adopting me!

Georgie keeps her kennel clean and takes treats gently. She is currently on a limited ingredient diet to determine if any food allergies.

Please research my breed to know what to expect.

****I will need a fence or a tie-out.

I love to play with select dog friends, but I need to be the only pet in the home.

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