Georgie Ella

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Female - spayed



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No, but we are working on this





If you are interested in a big dog that will be your protector, go for walks in the country together, work commands, and be your silly goose, please think about adopting me!

I am said to be a Karakachan Shepherd Dog. This is a livestock guardian breed that was historically bred to protect farms from wolves and bears in Bulgaria. Karakachans can make a wonderful family companion when properly trained, exercised and socialized. I am sweet-tempered and well mannered (aside from my excitable jumping) with my human family. I love affection and attention. I am a working breed, therefore I require a good deal of exercise and mental work to keep me happy and healthy. I do not adjust well in small spaces. It is better that I have a 6' fenced yard to play and roam around in, in addition to long, daily walks or runs.

I share the home with other dogs, but I don't mix with them. I will play and play with male puppies outside. Inside, I am best with my own space as my breed tells me to guard things that are mine from other animals. When we are inside, I have a babygate that tells me where my space is and their space.

No cats for me.

While my breed can be more high maintenance than other breeds, I can also be the best of pets. I am protective, but silly, and always loving natured.



Recent update on me!
My foster mom has had a couple male foster puppies from ages 6 weeks to 11 months and I have done well with them all. Baylor was a 60 lb puppy that I loved wrestling with and then monitoring the yard together with him every day. We didn't ever mix in the house because in the house its too tight and I want to guard things as mine. It's just my breed.

I am still on the hydrolyzed protein Royal Canin food. My foster mom tried to slowly switch me to a beef and rice food and I got an ear infection. So, we are sticking to that and might try another limited ingredient food once my system is reset again.

I still monitor the yard inside the fence when I go outside. This is my breed, it's what I was born to do! I also LOVE to play - I have a lot of energy and am a silly fun girl when I am not "working".

If you are interested in a dog that will be your protector, go for walks in the country together, work commands, and be your silly goose, please think about adopting me!

PUPDATE! I have been settling into things well. I just needed a couple months to be able to adjust and learn. I currently share my foster home with other dogs. We don't share living spaces yet as they are seniors and don't appreciate my loads of energy. We basically ignore each other through baby gates. There is one dog that doesn't mind me trying to play with her though. I also attended boarding for a week when my foster was out of town and did amazing!

I can't wait until the weather is a bit warmer and we can find some older pups that want to PLAY!
This is Georgie Ella. DO NOT consider applying to adopt her unless you can successfully understand and comply to the information below: ⠀

1. Georgie is a young Karakachan, a breed known to fend sheep from bears and wolves. If you haven't heard of the breed, chances are, you don't need this dog, even though she is incredibly beautiful.

2. Georgie enjoys the creature comforts of indoor life and she is puppy like learning manners. Georgie’s breed is a watchdog. You, however, are a sheep in her mind and you will be guarded against threats, just like she was bred to do. Georgie is not always convinced that your parents/the mailman/your best friend/the neighbor dog etc is not a wolf coming to kill you. She will jump a 4' chain link fence to protect you from all other animals. You must be capable of managing a dog that wants to manage you.⠀

3. Georgie is not trustworthy off leash and must always be in a secure, wooden fence. She will try to convince you otherwise, but don't fall for it. It's exactly like if I promise I will guard the last cupcake. ⠀

4. Georgie is not a dog for a family with other dogs or smaller animals visiting. Georgie is not convinced other dogs are not wolves coming to kill the sheep (you). Unless the other dogs are only puppies – puppies cannot kill sheep (you). In Georgie's breed, other animals need to be guarded against. You must be capable of managing an XL powerful dog that wants to guard against other animals.

5. You can have an active social life and all the people you want can come over. BUT. You must agree to put Georgie away and out of sight when other dogs come over. Georgie requires appropriate introductions to outside the family humans and does not currently accept new adult dogs.⠀

6. Georgie may or may not ever be a livestock guardian as she was not brought up with livestock. She wants to be an inside dog with outside privileges. We cannot unwind the clock. She would be fine in a farm home, with a fence.

If you can manage the above, here's the good stuff. To her humans, Georgie is very loving and fun. She is a silly girl with a LOT of energy. Georgie is very eager to please and a smart pup. Georgie keeps her kennel clean and takes treats gently. She is currently on a limited ingredient diet to determine if any food allergies.

*To the armchair experts, this dog IS NOT A GREAT PYR NOR NEWF. She is a Karakachan, but no one knows what they are.

**Credit to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue for an amazing description of a Karakachan they had available 2 years ago, Corbin.

***Please research my breed to know what to expect.

****I will need a fence or a tie-out.