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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - neutered

Bulldog Mix


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)


Yes, with slow introductions and monitoring



Hi, I'm Emmett! I am a sweet boy who loves to be with my people! Initially, I am a little unsure and on guard when exposed to new people and places, but warm up quickly. . I enjoy taking walks and do very well with my leash skills - I even do well jogging! I LOVE to play tug-of-war and am very strong.. With guidance I have been learning how to play more appropriately, as sometimes I don't know my own strength. I am also a great chewer - I have not met a 'stuffy' I can not destroy and I love the challenge. But don't worry, as long as I have chew toys, I will leave your non-chew things alone.

I travel well in the car, am potty trained, and sleep well in my kennel, even though I would LOVE to cuddle and sleep in the human bed, I do require boundaries just like any other household member to keep me being my best self. I kennel well, especially when this is a part of my consistent routine.. I don't like to be alone, but do not need constant attention, I just like to be in the same room as you (Having another dog in the home may help with this.)

I completed basic obedience class and was a star student! I am VERY food motivated and am handler focused. I know my basic commands and listen well, especially when actively training. I also attend doggy daycare and have A BLAST!

I currently live with cats and have been slowly introduced and given boundaries to help me know what is appropriate. We often hang out together but if they run or tease me, I do still get a little excited. I have never shown aggression towards the cats or another dog while in foster care.

I am a GREAT guy who forms a tight bond to my person. If you are willing to be consistent with my training I am SURE TO PLEASE!

Emmett recently transitioned to a foster home with other dogs and this has really helped him. He is less anxious with other dogs to play with. He is in a kennel run, in the house next to the other dogs, when his foster parents are at work. He is fed in his kennel and only given chews in his kennel. Emmett would do best with a playful dog in his forever home.

Emmett can still be noisy at times, so not adequate for apartment living. Currently, Emmett is fostered in the country. He is more at ease with less stimulation and LOVES going on long walks where he can explore (always supervised!). He also loves basking in the sun.

At home, Emmett listens incredibly well.

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