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German Shepherd mix


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Update on Elroy (9-11-23):
Hello I'm Elroy. I think I'm named after the boy in the Jetsons, that works because I'm the dog of your future. Id prefer you know the German Shepherd breed (not to mention I look the part), its not proven I'm a pure breed, but I sure act like one. I'm a blank canvas, like a shepherd and I'm loyal and obedient (once I get to know you). I am looking for some one to help lead me to be the best boy I can be.

Original Bio:

Elroy's Unleashed Spirit

I'm Elroy, a mixed breed Shepherd, and this is my tail-wagging story. From the moment I found myself in a shelter, my heart yearned for a loving home. I quickly discovered that cuddling was my specialty, spreading warmth and love to anyone willing to give me a chance.

I may not have known much about the world, but I was eager to please. Leash training was a breeze, and I pranced beside my human with grace and poise. My intelligence shone through as I learned new tricks in the blink of an eye, impressing everyone who crossed my path.

Being kennel trained gave me a sense of security, but I longed for adventure. Once free, my playful spirit soared, and I reveled in every moment of joyful play. No obstacle could deter me; I approached life with unwavering determination, ready to conquer any challenge.

Today, I've overcome my past and embraced my true potential. I am Elroy, the loyal and resilient rescue dog, basking in the love and happiness of my forever home. Together, we create paw-some memories, forever grateful for the second chance at a tail-wagging life.

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