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Female - spayed

Ragdoll mix


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Dottie came to Journey Home as a pound kitty. At some point in her life she was declawed on her front paws so her time spent wandering the streets alone was not easy. She was malnourished, really matted in her long hair, had a skin infection, and was quite scared. She is doing great in foster care! Her first checkup at the vet included a full body shave to get rid of the matted hair and start treating her skin infection. Her wounds have healed and she's looking much better now. She loves pets and getting brushed especially on her head. So far she is okay with sitting on your lap when she chooses but not a big fan of being held. She loves people but is quite content to stay in her room and not wander out into the rest of the house, it might be scary out there! She uses a litter box and has never had an accident. Dottie is not very vocal; she mostly stays calm and quiet. She does like to play with toys and is working on building up her stamina. Some pictures are from before her haircut and some are from after. We're still learning Dottie's personality so check back for updates on this very sweet kitty!