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Weight (lbs):



Domestic Shorthair


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

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My human servants call me Autumn. I am the picture of royalty with the eyes of a Disney princess and my ears have an uncanny resemblance to Dumbo. My button nose and luxurious fur make me the most attractive feline in the land. I am quite dominant and flaunt my power by choosing when and where you are allowed to touch me. I like to run my face along your hand rather than letting you reach out to pet me. I will show you my belly because it is lovely but if you try to pet it I can't guarantee you will withdraw your hand before getting bunny-kicked for your efforts. I speak clearly and confidently, sometimes I am quite the Chatty Cathy, but that is only because I have plenty to say and it is very important. If you need a female in your life that you would like to spoil and be bossed around by, we might just be a splendid match for each other.

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