To be a part of an animal's journey to a better life; to love and provide safety to their forever home, is something truly special and what animal rescue is all about.  It's what we strive for.


Grand Forks, ND and surrounding areas

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Update: I’ve adjusting well to the frozen tundra and I now love going outside! I love running around in the snow.  I’m about 50/50 with doing my business outside and the rest on pee pads. I enjoy a good chew toy.  At night, I do sleep on the bed and whine when I need to go potty.  I have not had any accidents at night and only need to get up once to go.  My foster mom carry’s me out to go potty then we snuggle until we fall back asleep.  I love wrestling with my smaller canine siblings and sometimes the cat.  I am treat motivated!  I’m still working on kennel training and I do cry in the kennel when my foster mom leaves.  I usually settle down after about 10-15 mins. ​

Update: Hola!! My name is Hibiscus!  I was named after Puerto Rico state flower.  I just recently moved to ND with my sister from Puerto Rico.  I am settling into my foster home.  I have several new foster canine siblings and the larger one I was scared of at first but since have adjusted.  I try to play with the cat but he only wants to watch me from afar.  I follow my foster mom everywhere and sometimes I trip her.  I love to snuggle especially under the blanket.  I slept in the bed all night and did well!  ​

We are so excited to help some very sweet puppies from Puerto Rico! Rescue is all about working together. We had a rescue friend from SD travel to Puerto Rico to participate in a spay/neuter clinic. A sweet Mama dog and her 3 puppies were brought in and surrendered to the sanctuary that helped sponsor the clinic. Like everyone else, the sanctuary is full and needed help. Our friend reached out and asked if we had room for any. One puppy was adopted and we agreed to take the other 2 since they are small enough to travel by plane. Arrangements were made to get the required medical & paper work for travel and these 2 cuties were ready to journey to their new life in ND! But wait! While all this was happening, the adopted sibling was returned. We couldn't leave him behind so he will also be joining us in ND soon. 

Age: Est DOB 12/2019

Gender:  Female, spayed

Breed(s): Sato, the Puerto Rican slang term referring to a mixed breed dog. Sato dogs are often small to medium size with large ears and stubby legs; likely comparable to a hound (beagle type)/lab mix.

Weight: 12-15 lbs at 10 wks

Dog friendly: Yes

Cat friendly: Unknown

Adoption fee: $250 plus tax


Help get me prepared for adoption.
-Wellness Exam
-4DX test (Canine)


Total (average): $300



Journey Home Animal Rescue is a Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 84-2359736. All donations are deemed tax-deductible. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.