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Female - Spayed



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Meet Yuma!

This overly sweet, shy and sensitive soul just wants to know that she is loved by crawling into your lap and receiving snuggles. She kennels like a champ, and only makes noise if she has to potty. She is learning to ring the bells on the door to signal when she has to potty. She is smart and catches onto things with ease. Yuma is pretty low key but does like to partake in discussions. Sometimes the talks are to herself, sometimes she will chat with the resident dogs. Either way it’s highly entertaining. She is still a puppy so even though she is a pretty low key pup, she does get her bursts of energy and needs to play. She has been introduced to the leash and walks great on it. We are working on her confidence every day as she continues to open up. She will make a wonderful addition to any family.

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