Willow May

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Female, spayed

Shepherd Mix


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Meet Willow May!

Willow is about 19 days post-surgery. She is finished with all her medication & is healing very nicely. Her personality has changed a lot since the last time I wrote. She has started acting a lot more like a puppy and you can tell she’s feeling a lot better. She loves playing with her foster siblings. She does great with our dogs (neutered males). When she meets new dogs, she isn’t one to sniff to get to know the other one, she likes to just go and play right away. She would do great in a home with other dogs. She plays very puppy like - mouthy and jumpy. We are still working on her telling us when she needs to go potty. We have bells that hang from our door that she can ring when she goes out which she has rang a few times. When she gets excited, she she can be puppy mouthy (not aggressively, she stops when you tell her to) which we are also working on. She is a very vocal drama queen. When she plays, she likes to be heard by barking and making all sorts of different noises. I wouldn’t recommend her in an apartment because of how vocal she is. She is only crated when we leave the house. She will bark/whine when crated for a little bit. She sleeps in bed with us & she sleeps very well like that. She loves to cuddle, whether it’s with you or the dogs. She wakes you up in the morning with soft kisses. She catches to things quickly. She likes to be outside, so I recommend a house with a fence because she likes to run and play.

Willow is such a good girl. She came into rescue with a hip injury and a skin infection. Her surgery is scheduled for March 24th and she is on antibiotics for her skin infection as well. She is almost fully potty trained (she just needs to learn how to tell us when she needs to go outside) & she does pretty well in her crate. She loves playing with the dogs. She absolutely loves toys, especially ones that squeak and the benebones. She loves time outside and sunbathing. She gets attached pretty quickly to certain people, but still loves people in general; she is happy to meet people and other dogs. She does amazing in the car and sleeps majority of the ride. She likes to have the window down and stick her head out of the window. She is very smart and catches on to things very quickly. She knows the commands “sit” and “come.” Due to her hip injury we haven’t been able to take her on a walk yet, but based on the little amount of time we have had her on a leash, she does pretty well with it. She is still a puppy and we are still working on the nibbling on people’s hands. So far, she has not shown any signs of chewing on anything other than toys, which is really good! She would do great with a home with another dog.

Willow May would do best in a home with another dog.