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Likes to chase but means no harm



Hi, my name is Topenga and I think every day is a good day! I’m always smiling and running and playing like any normal puppy should! I can stay occupied for hours with a good toy, though I do like to switch toys a lot! I do best with toys I can’t tear open. I love to run outside (which is also my favorite place to potty-even on cold day) and play with my stepsister doggo. I’m very good at some things my humans ask me to do like; sit, lay down, and come here. I’m doing my best to learn “kennel” and am getting very good at knowing what that means. I currently relax in this kennel during the day and while the humans are gone. I sleep very good in there too. I don’t always like to be in there right away and will try and get my humans attention for a couple minutes, but then I get tired and go to sleep. I love the other dogs, but I’m a little skeptical of cats, nothing should be that fast. I do my best learning when there is a reward. My favorite treats are anything with a K9 crunch. I LOVE meal time! If you’re in the room, I will always be right by your side. Even though my current home is very fun, I would love to be your forever companion and show you what a sweet, loving girl I am!

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