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Female - spayed

Mixed Breed


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Yes, but does like to play and chase.



Hi I’m Tootsie!
Despite how I was treated before coming to rescue, I am a very, very friendly girl! I came to JHAR after spending most of my life tied up outside to a car. It took 6 weeks to get me comfortable going into the house because I had (probably) never been in one. Now that I know what a house, and a couch feels like, I’m living my best life!
I live with 4 other dogs and some cats!
I really like cats and will chase them, but won’t bite. I just enjoy the chase and would even love a friendly kitty that would play back!
I love other animals and people, but I am also very unsure of new people. When new people come into the home I need them to be still so I can sniff them and know they’re safe. Once I feel safe, they are in my circle and I am fine. I love my food and need to be fed in a kennel, away from other animals, and then have my dish, as well as other animal’s dishes, picked up. I will eat in my kennel or in a room away from other animals, and come out happy to be around everyone again when I’m done. Despite my size, I can be quite timid. When redirecting me, I don’t like firm tones, I’ll cower or go potty. Even being patted lightly, in a reassuring way scares me, so I don’t need to be pushed too hard training-wise to be a good girl. I am very submissive especially with female dogs despite my size.
I kennel nicely during the day and in the evening. Sharing toys of any sort with other animals has never been a problem, it’s simply food.
I have the cutest underbite and love to be pet and run with other dogs or in a fenced in yard! I’m a big lover looking to put a smile on your face and light up your home with my toothy grin!
Adopt me!