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Domestic Shorthair


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Tigger is a very intelligent and well-mannered cat. He is almost too smart for his own good and will give you a run for your money. He knows his name along with some other words (“ready” when playing, “toy” and “treat”), he fetches, brings you a toy when he wants to play, and can solve any treat puzzle you give him. He is extremely lovable, silly, and very playful! Initially, he is very timid and may take extra time to come around in a new environment. He often looks to his brother, Moose, for assurance when venturing out into a new place. Once he sees that Moose is comfortable, he knows he is safe and will follow. His LOVE for play and treats encourages him to explore. Once he is settled in, be ready for pets, giving belly rubs, and interactive play. He appreciates being the one to make the first move for affection and engagement – he will even bring you a toy when he wants to play and will fetch it for you!

Tigger is a bonded pair with his brother/littermate Moose. They are only available for adoption together and are each other’s safety and support. They will do best in a quiet home with someone who is patient, will allow them to decide the pace of settling into their new home, and will provide mental stimulation with various toys and interactive games.

Moose & Tigger are a bonded pair who must be adopted together.

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