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Female - Spayed



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Are you looking for a dog that can bring you Sunnier days? A dog that can make you laugh, snuggle you extra close and you can easily pet without having to bend over very far?

Well look no further! I'm Sunni and I bring all the sunshine! My head is at about the height of your hand so you can easily pet me without bending over. How convenient is that? I love when you love on me. You can even use me as a pillow - as long as we are together I'm happy.

I walk so nice on a leash. I just have this happy butt that walks with you and sniff as I go. I think toys are a blast to play with! You should see me. Sometimes I fall off the couch playing with toys. I'm a giant goofball. I also like to find a bone to chew and think they are so fun.

Dog friends are so fun to play chase and wrestle with. Big or small I can be friends with them all! I sometimes get a little over excited meeting some dogs but then chill out after I sniff them. Daycare said I did great hanging with lots of dog friends!

This home life is rather new to me. You see, I came to rescue as a homeless older pup. I was so glad to be finally safe. Shortly after arriving I had to be rushed to the emergency vet because I was diagnosed with Parvo. I'm so grateful I pulled through. I knew I had great things to look forward to in life! Now that I'm cleared and ready for adoption I've been able to learn all about home life. The first few days I learned so much! Everything was new so foster mom had to teach me what's a toy and what's not. But she said I am incredibly smart and was so quick to catch on. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

I'm potty trained, which I heard humans really appreciate. I'd love to live with you if you'll have me. A playful dog friend would be cool, but if it's just you and me, that's cool too. Make sure I get my young energy out with a walk, play session or the occasional daycare and I'll be the bestest girl! I love sitting nearby when you're working or just hanging around the house. I'm treat motivated so I'm down to do whatever you want to teach me!

If you love a large dog (the larger we are the more love we have to give!), that is a giant goofball and quick to learn, that I just know I'm your girl.

Call me?! I mean, I don't have a phone, but reach out to those nice people at Journey Home and tell them you'd love to meet me.

With all my goofy love and Sunni-shine,


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