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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - Neutered

Lab mix


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)






My name is Sturgill. I’m wagging my tail and butt just thinking about having a FAMILY and HOME that will be all mine forever.

I LOVE everyone the first time I meet them.

Want to know more about me, who wouldn’t?

I love food. Breakfast and supper make my butt wiggle and put a smile on my face. I’m just learning about toys and this tug-of-war thing with my foster brother is really fun. I love snuggles and sitting with my person on the couch or lay with my person in bed. I also live a good antler to chew on.

Foster mom says my walking skills need work. I am working on them, but it’s hard when there is so much to love about life and smells. I just want to wiggle my butt everywhere.

I also enjoy gazing in your eyes. I love you, even if we haven’t met.

What else should you know? You should meet me!!!! I am looking for my best friend. Could I be yours?

Loves and many butt wiggles,


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