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Male - Neutered

Mixed (Large)

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No worries, you’re eyes aren’t deceiving you. I am in deed, a cute little puppy and NOT a fluffy baby polar bear! 🐻‍❄️

Now that that’s cleared up, I would love to introduce myself. My name is Stewart! My foster parents tell me I’m the silliest little monster they’ve ever met. I LOVE playtime - the bigger the toy the better! I have a huge yellow tennis ball that I cannot get enough of. My favorite is to lay on top of it and let gravity roll me around until I tumble off! It’s a blast!

When play time if over, I pick the comfiest spot I can find and take a good ol’ nap. I like to catch my zzz’s where I can keep an eye on my foster parents, that way I don’t miss out on anything if they try and do something interesting. Bedtime though is a different story - my kennel is my safe spot and I get the absolute best sleep in it. I rarely make any noise when it’s lights out and am working on sleeping through the night. I sometimes have to wake up in the middle to use the bathroom, not always though. I think I’m doing great! Potty training just in general I am crushing! I go to the door when duty calls and have had minimal accidents since I’ve been rescued.

I am loving this second chance in life and am making the most out of it. Learning new things and exploring is AMAZING! I’m such a happy fella!

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