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Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed



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Slinky has been doing great with her foster family. She LOVES people and she LOVES to snuggle. She also really loves going for walks. If she hasn’t had a walk for the day she will quietly whine by the door to get her fosters attention and it’s absolutely adorable. She has recovered well from her bladder stone surgery and has been on antibiotics ever since. She does have issues with urinary incontinence when she is relaxed, resting or sleeping. She doesn’t mind being in the kennel while her fosters are gone and she does have accidents. She’s on a strict diet of Royal Canin urinary SO/satiety dog food and she cannot have treats or human food because she can easily develop more bladder stones. She doesn’t seem to notice the difference and loves her food. She is pretty quiet and will rarely bark at other dogs when she’s outside. She’s such a calm sweet girl and will be a wonderful addition to any family.

Slinky arrived to us with a fairly large bladder stone. She will need to remain on Urinary diet specific food from the veterinarian for life to help prevent any additional bladder stones.

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