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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female - spayed

Mixed (med-large)


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)





Update on Skyla 10-18-23:

Skyla Woofington

Objective: Seeking a loving forever home where I can share my affection and be an invaluable companion.

Key Qualifications:

- Communication: Fluent in the universal language of tail wagging and enthusiastic barks.
-Training: Proficient in basic obedience commands including sit, lay, and shake. Exceptional at potty and kennel training.
- Sleep Management: Consistent in sleeping all night and providing warmth through cuddles.
- Social Skills: Equally proficient at being the center of attention and sharing the spotlight with fellow canines.
- Loyalty: Demonstrated unwavering loyalty and dedication to making humans smile.


Residence of Loving Foster Home
Dates: Present
- Providing unwavering companionship and emotional support.
- Regularly demonstrating obedience skills and good behavior.
- Ensuring a cozy and warm presence during nap times and bedtime.
- Socializing with fellow foster residents


- Available upon request.

Original Bio:
Introducing Skyla, the enchanting pup with a unique gaze. With one mesmerizing eye as blue as the sky and one brown eye, she's a beauty to behold. Skyla's potty training skills are top-notch, ensuring a clean and tidy living space. While she's still mastering the art of kennel training and walking on a leash, her determination shines through as she eagerly works on it. Skyla's playful spirit knows no bounds, especially when surrounded by her doggie pals. They embark on exciting adventures and chase tails together. At the end of the day, Skyla finds peace at the foot of the bed, providing a comforting presence as you drift off to sleep. With her stunning looks and lovable personality, Skyla is the perfect companion for delightful adventures and peaceful nights.

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