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Female, spayed



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Meet Samoa! Samoa is a husky mix who is full of energy and ready to find her forever home! She gets along very well with the two resident dogs in the foster home and loves to play with the younger one. She is good about leaving the resident cat alone most of the time, although she is curious about her. She loves being outside and playing with toys, but her favorite thing is to snuggle up next to you and get tummy scratches! Potty training is still a work in progress. She knows to go potty outside but does still have some accidents when her fosters are not quick enough to get her out! She is crate trained when her fosters leave the home and for sleeping at night. She does very well in her crate, but will definitely let you know when she thinks it is time to get out in the morning. Like most huskies, Samoa can be a bit dramatic, fairly vocal, and high energy—so apartment living would not be a good fit for her. She loves people and follows her foster mom everywhere around the house. If she is not next to you on the couch, her favorite place to lay is at your feet! Samoa is patiently waiting for her forever home. Samoa is a beautiful puppy and those piercing blue eyes will steal your heart! Wouldn’t you love to let her steal yours?

Not suited for an apartment - can be vocal