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Weight (lbs):


Male - Neutered

Small-Medium mix

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Who is looking for a small/medium sized, medium energy pup who is up for adventures and a good snuggle time?! Then you need to meet sweet Russell! Russell's lineage is a mystery, as with most rescue pups. The universe put together a special blend to create this floofy pup. I describe his look as if you put a golden retriever in a shrink ray, which means adorable, and not too big. His silky fur, and adorable fluffy ears complete his too cute look. His personality is laid back, curious, and happy. He's confident on walks and will follow his person anywhere. Russell enjoys walks, chasing a ball (maybe will bring it back), and snuggles. What he enjoys most is dinnertime! He loves eating SO much, he does it at TURBO speed. We have found his speeding eating can cause a rumble in his belly, and he'll regurgitate his meal. To help him learn some table manners we adjusted to smaller meals more frequently through the day, along with either using a slow feeder bowl, or spreading his meal on a towel to encourage Russell to take a little more time. Making those small adjustments has been successful in him keeping his meals down where they belong. Russell had a recent opportunity to go on his first camping trip with his foster family. He was a great passenger in the car on the way. He was even on activity restrictions due to his recent neuter, but he was a camping champ. He loved the short hikes he was able to participate in. Sniffing all the leaves and acorns. He was also content just hanging out by the fire, relaxing. Even being a young pup, he is seriously so chill. He didn't yip or bark at other people or dogs walking around the camp. The only time he is "not chill" is in the first 10 minutes of being in his kennel, or when one of his foster family leaves and has the nerve not take him with. He is a clinger! If you are willing to give Russell the adventure, snuggles, and slowwww mealtimes he deserves, he will give you boundless tail wags, puppy kisses and the best companionship you could ask for.

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