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Male - neutered



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Hi, my name is Rueger! My foster parents and siblings all say that I'm a sweet and gentle young man. It took me a bit to warm up to the idea of being with a family who loves me and lets me spend time indoors with them. I didn't quite know how to act, but now I'm finding that this family thing is pretty great! My foster family consists of a Mom & Dad, two kids who like to give me kisses and snuggles, 2 dogs & 2 cats. Boy, are cats fun to chase! I mean, I don't want to hurt them, but it's a fun game to run after them! You know what else is fun? Digging! I'm so good at it I got out of the fenced yard. Apparently, foster parents don't think that is fun. Now I'm in detention and have to be tied up in the yard. I'm still pretty happy tho because I get lots of space to play and food in my bowl every morning and night. I also get to go on walks to get my sniffs in and leave my scent all over town. Even though my foster family is awesome, I am SO EXCITED to find my forever family! I am pawsitive I can make "my people" happy.