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Domestic Shorthair


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Rainbow was a stray in rural ND before finding rescue one rainy day.

At her foster home, she has quickly become a connoisseur of comfy napping spots, and she LOVES having a human bed to sleep in. Her only complaint is that there is not always a human there to snuggle with. A forever home where she can cuddle up with her human every night is on the top of her wish list.

Rainbow gets so excited for pets that she hops up to get her head in her foster human’s hand just a little bit faster. She’s not the most poised cat around, so her eagerness often leads to her flopping on the floor like a fish. One time, an attempted head boop resulted in a perfect summersault… so maybe she deserves more credit for her unconventional style of grace.

Rainbow is friendly and affectionate with humans, but she’d prefer to be your one and only fur friend. She’d also appreciate lots of yummy food, especially since she is still so skinny from life on her own. She loves her wet food and will lick up every drop of gravy till her dish looks polished.

She’s a very special, loving kitty who deserves a doting forever home.

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