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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female - Spayed

Mixed (small-med)


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)





Radar is too cute to be real- with those huge ears, sweet eyes, curly tail, round toddler belly,
and tiny little body. She is probably mostly a dog, but maybe she’s also part bat? Miniature
dragon? Pokémon? Whatever she is, she achieves supernatural levels of cuteness with her
loving gaze, funny noises, and sweet, sassy personality.

She’s almost too cute to handle, but Radar is unbelievably easy to take care of. She already
knows to go potty on the training pad when she’s inside, she comes when she’s called, she’s the
perfect car ride companion, she’ll sit sweetly in your lap, and she gets along with everyone she
meets- dog, cat, or human. She’s only been in the world for a few weeks, and she’s already
nailing it!

One of the reasons Radar gets along with everyone is that she’s perfectly content matching
their speed. On her first day with her foster family, she made fast friends with some tiny elderly
dogs who don’t typically like strangers, and then she became instant besties with an energetic,
playful puppy several times her size. She loves to be held and will melt your heart when she
puts her little chin on your shoulder, but if you’re in the mood to play, she’s ready to pounce!
Like many of us, there is one exception to Radar’s general amicability: she gets hangry. If her
forever family has another dog, they should be fed in separate spaces, and children should
know not to bother Radar when she is eating. She’s tiny, but her fierce side emerges when she’s
protecting her food.

She’d probably be just as happy whether she’s an only dog or has friends, and she wouldn’t
mind living in either a house or an apartment. However, adopters should be aware that Radar
doesn’t like to be alone and can be quite loud when she can’t be with her people. She is usually
easygoing, but she’d do best in a forever home where she gets lots of attention and can be with
her human(s) most of the time.

Radar is the perfect companion if you’re looking for an adorable, portable little pup who’s
happy to keep you company no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. She’s so easy
to take care of, and she’s such a silly little lovebug!

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