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Weight (lbs):


Male, neutered

Chihuahua mix

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Hi, my name is Puppers. I am 2-3 years old and I am a mixed Chihuahua. When I first came to my foster family, I was afraid of everything and everyone. All I wanted to do was to run and hide. I did not have a great start so I wasn’t very trusting and I didn’t understand what was going on. I would use my little growl or snap at them. My foster parents say I have come a long way in less than two weeks.

I now love to be held and will jump into their laps to snuggle or kiss. I will jump up right beside them on the couch so they remember I am here. I love to cuddle as close as I can at night on their bed.

I was never potty trained but they say I am getting better every day and just have an accident once in a while.

I come when they call my name. I wandered out of their gate to help them plant their flowers. They called my name and I came running back immediately. I mean, why wouldn’t I? I know love and security when I see it.

I want my own family to snuggle and love with. Love is an important prerequisite for my family. I am great around other dogs – my fosters have three dogs of different sizes . I get along well with them and like to play.

I am not sure if I would be good with kids. I have never been around any. I think they would scare me.

Is my family out there for me? I promise to love if you will love me.

I take a while to warm up to new people and new environments. I will need a patient and careful adopter.