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Pickle Rick

Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - neutered

Mixed (med)


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)





Pickle Rick here! Foster mom asked me what I think would be important to know about me. So hmmmm....first off, I'm super adorable. I am a puppy, so that is kind of to be expected BUT, foster mom says I'm extra adorable (but I think that's just cause she loves me a lot). Part of it is my personality. I am a very happy go lucky, confident and rambunctious little guy. I'm basically like, just an awesome all around pup. Foster mom thinks I am well on my way to being an all around great dog. I do need to work on my potty outside skills. I am getting pretty good at it but still have my moments, usually just with my number 1s. I have been doing very well with kennel training. I am quite content and comfortable in my kennel, especially if I have a chew chew in there with me. I live with three other dogs who all have quite different personalities and I have been learning how to interact with them and their boundaries, and I'm doing really well. I play like crazy with my foster brother Lewis. I also play like crazy with the cat, but he's not too crazy about me. Foster mom has to help kitty set boundaries with me because he's a pushover. Maybe a more assertive cat would help me learn better. I do like him, I'm just pretty pushy with him. I'm also pretty good at cuddling when I'm tired, I still have nice soft puppy fur to snuggle up to. The last important thing to know about me is that I am super excited to find my forever home. I know I am going to amuse, entertain and love them and I will be the goodest, best boy ever for them!

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