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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

Pitbull Terrier mix

Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)





Ive only been with my forster mama for a little bit and am recovering from surgery but a few things about me:

I love to kiss and cuddle

My Favorites pets are under my chin and down my nose

I don’t bark much

Im Kennel trained but Id rather be with you

I Sleep very good; quiet snuggler, likes to sleep in

I go to the door and scratch on it and look at you (we are working on it, better every day)

I take treats SO NICE

I like treats/toys that I have to work for. I have a couple I have played with that Im getting really good at and making me smarter each day

I sit and am working on down and stay

I love my food. You can pet me while I eat I don’t mind

I love bones and toys. Especially some squeaky ones. You can take it away or pet me I don’t mind

I love to be touched. Even my feet. I hold hands!

I don’t mind other dogs

I love people (hasn’t been around anyone younger then 10)

I do go in my kennel when mom leaves but she is going to work on leaving me out for short periods of time soon.

I do counter surf but I wont jump up there.

You can eat and I wont bug you but I am right there should you need!

I love car rides.

I wont bite even when we are playing. If you say OUCH or NO I stop immediately cause I don’t want to hurt anyone

I don’t really snore but mom says I bark and talk in my sleep

I love my clothes and pajamas. Dress me up all you want.

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