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Nova Sorren

Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - neutered

Mixed Breed


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

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What’s a Labrador’s favorite karaoke song? Don’t Stop Retrieving! I must be part Labrador because that's my favorite song to sing and my favorite thing to do! If you'll throw the ball, I'll fetch it all day long if I could. If it's too cold and you don't want to play outside with me, I'm always down for a game of "lazy fetch" in the house. Can't talk me into going inside from a round of fetch? Just show me you have a delicious treat for me and you'll lure me back in. (Don't tell my foster mom I just like treats so I pretend I won't come inside without one.)

I have the cutest little human foster brother. He loves to hang out with me (I mean, who wouldn't) and he likes to run and chase me with his Dino toys. Sometimes when we're outside I like to play tricks on him and take his hat or glove and play keep away. I'm so funny!

My foster dog sister is young and likes to play ruff with me. We love to play but sometimes foster mom will tell us to take a break because we have toooo much fun ruff-housing. I've met a cat before and thought "whatever". I didn't care about it so if you have a cat, I'll probably just ignore it.

Do you like to cuddle? Good! Me too! Sometimes I forget how big I am but the bigger the better when it comes to a cuddle partner. Right? Once I'm recharged from a snuggle session, maybe we could go play fetch again? But if it's quiet time at home, I know how to just chill and hang on the couch.

Truck rides or walks are also super fun. I love being with my humans and seeing the world!

Life is AMAZING now, but my life before rescue was ruff. So I am taking it slow with new places and people, in a pawsitive manner. Once I know you it is game on. Speaking of games, wanna play fetch?

Can't wait to meet you!

With all my love,

Nova Sorren

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