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Female, spayed

Mixed Breed


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Hi! My name is Mouse! I also go by Mousey Mouse and Mousey-Mouserton. When I came into rescue, I was very skinny and very hungry, and covered in scabs. My scabs have healed, but I eat like I might not ever get food again. I am always eager to help foster mom in the kitchen or while she is eating, I am working on that. I am food motivated and am working on my manners, and my jumping (I'm an excited pup!). I get so excited when it is time to eat that I run to my room and into my kennel ahead of foster mom and paw excitedly until she gets there with my food.

At first, I am shy with other people and to other pets, but I am getting better because my foster mom brings me to work sometimes to socialize with other people, and I warm up fairly quickly. The first time my foster mom rubbed my face, I became a puddle in her lap, soaking it up. Now we do everything together and I go where she goes. I would do best in a household with another dog because I love to play and burn off energy. I would do it all day if I could. I am vocal when I want to play, and it may alert you at first, but I promise I am just playing loudly. I also love to chase things, play tug o war and play with toys. For the most part, I am good at keeping myself entertained, but I need to be supervised. If I have an opinion I share it, especially if I think you are not being fair. I love to give foster mom hugs because she always scratches down my sides. Every morning I jump on the bed to give my mom a hug, and sometimes I will stop playing and come get a hug and some side scratches when foster mom is on the couch. I am working on potty train, but I might still have the occasional accident. Sometimes foster mom calls me a cat because I like to come up and lean and rub on her legs. I do need some leash training, but I love to go on walks and explore. Foster mom says I am the perfect addition, and I would love to join your family! Please apply to adopt me today.