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Male - Neutered

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I’m named after a place in Moab because I’m an adventure seeker. I’m told that my soul is as beautiful as the sunsets there.

My favorite things: wrestling, playing tug, being around humans, eating , taking showers, and getting attention! I’m not shy at all and love playing with my sister.

I sleep in my kennel all night and don’t wake up until it’s time to eat in the morning! I am still learning to go pee on our pad but are almost there. I am dog friendly and love playing with my toys.
Update 10-12-23

Moab is about 47 lbs now. He is housebroken now! He is good with other dogs but hasn’t been around cats but I think he would try to play with them. He adores kids and tries to follow all the kids home that are walking home from school. He sits well and stops if I say stop when we are on walks. Still working on stay. He wants to be with his people! His favorite activity is playing fetch and is pretty good at bringing it back too.
He is great in his kennel unless he needs to go potty, then he gives me a groan and stomps his feet.

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